Work at the office on Wednesday and today was pretty uneventful. I did take some time today to go to the Ruby Slipper for lunch. I ordered an omlette. At six, Dad took me to Elmwood for class this evening. This evening’s practicum class was about resumes. We were all directed to e-mail one to Ms. Hart and we spent the class. We ended up dissecting about five of them. Class was dismissed at 8:30. We’re supposed to get to the rest next week.Early in class I asked around for a ride uptown for ballroom this evening. One lady obliged me although I deeply regret not remembering her name just now. Another friend was riding with her and she needed to stop at Wal-Mart before heading towards the city.With that out of the way we made it uptown pretty quickly but I was still about 10 minutes late. The turnout this evening was quite impressive at about 80 people, a drop off from last week but still quite remarkable compared to previous years. There wasn’t much new material this evening which was fine with me because I could hardly get what we were introduced to.After ballroom, I got something to eat with Andrey at Felipe’s. He told me about a table tennis tournament he participated in a few weeks ago and some other things going on in his life. At about 11, I caught a cab home from Tulane. I had the same driver as last week, Tom, and had another interesting conversation with him.

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