Back to School

After an uneventful day at work, Dad drove to me Tulane’s Elmwood campus in Harahan for class this evening. The fall semester started this week and I only have one class this term, Media Arts Practicum with Katherine Hart. The class centers around an internship each student is required to have to complete their major. A couple weeks ago I had a meeting at WVUE and I will be starting there next week. During this first class we all introduced ourselves. It didn’t take very long as there were only seven other students. The instructor also went over the writing assignments that we will be doing. They include a journal we are to keep and a final report on the internship at the end of the term.Class was dismissed at about seven. Dad went to see some relatives in Metairie after dropping me off and it was to be a little while before he could pick me up so I walked to a strip mall nearby to pass the time. I browsed around at Guitar Center for a while before going to Nacho Mama’s for something to eat. Dad showed up sometime after eight.

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