Second Weekend of Jazz Fest

Mom, Dad and Andrew left the house before I was out and about this morning. They flew to Ann Arbor this morning for Jeff’s college graduation tomorrow. I could not miss Jazz Fest so I stayed behind.

After feeling a bit ill for the last two days, I felt a lot better this morning and had a normal temperature. Dad wanted me to cover the office phones for a while. It was just as well as I was more certain of my health if it held out through the morning. I talked to Krystle on the phone and told her I was well. She’s been planning to come here to New Orleans for the weekend.

I made it to the fairgrounds just before one this afternoon. My first stop was the gospel tent where Glen Davis Andrews was putting on a rather lively performance. Trombone Shorty was a guest on stage and Mr. Andrews came down off the stage at one point and walked through the audience while singing. It was quite a photo opportunity but I had the wrong lens on my camera. I later saw an impressive shot of him in the crowd appear in the New York Times.

I left shortly before the show ended to get some lunch. I got the catfish almondine and brought it back to the gospel tent. I stuck around for the Leviticus Gospel Singers but I didn’t care for them so I walked to Economy Hall and saw Walter Payton and Gumbo File. I left a little while before they finished to get a seat for John Boutte in the jazz tent. It was already pretty packed but I did find a chair in the back on the right side. I was able to hear fine although I had to take a walk to get any pictures.

After John Boutte I walked to the grandstands to catch the end of Twangorama’s set. It may have just been the name of the band that attracted me but they were entertaining. When they finished I went to Economy Hall for Tim Laughlin at 4:35. As always he put on a great set with the help of his ensemble of local musicians.

Following Tim Laughlin I walked to the gentilly stage. I was able to get pretty close but not as much as I would have liked. Tony Bennett was the closing act this evening. I have not seen him in person before. Before Tony took the stage, his band and daughter Antonia Bennett took the stage. Antonia is an aspiring jazz singer and not a half bad one. After a few numbers, Tony Bennett took the stage. It’s apparent he need only show up to command the crowd. He put on a fine performance and sang a number of familiar standards.

I started making my way out of the fairgrounds shortly before seven to try and beat some of the rush. I walked past Stallings playground to catch a cab home. I had a couple hours to clean myself up as well as the house before Krystle arrived this evening. She didn’t get here until after nine. I ordered pizza for dinner. After she got settled we watched Baraka. I’ve been wanting to show it to her since I watched it myself for the first time a couple months ago.

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