Blueberry Mojito and a Screwdriver

Following church and an uneventful afternoon, I went to dinner with Andrey, Patrick, David and Veronica. We went to Nine Roses on the west bank so Andrey was willing to pick me up. Before we left he gave me a broken laptop of which he said had been rained on and no longer worked. Dinner was nice. Everyone else had pho soup which they always get there. I’ve had it before and don’t care for it, especially not in the huge quantity they serve. I ordered general’s chicken instead which was decent although a cowardly selection.As we were finishing up dinner Andrey was looking on his phone to see what was playing at the movies but there was nothing compelling. We all went over to St. Joe’s Bar on Magazine Street apparently because they have a pool table. I rode with Patrick and we picked up a friend of his whose name escapes me at present. We were at the bar for two hours, maybe less. I think just about everybody including myself tried the blueberry mojito which this place is apparently known for. I would say the notoriety is earned.We left for the evening at about 10:30. Patrick drove me to the Boot where I caught a cab home. There was one parked when I arrived. I was his first fare of the evening.After I got home this evening I had a look at the laptop Andrey gave me, a worn Averatec 3280. First I tried turning it on but the power light was the only sign of life. I proceeded to completely disassemble and clean the parts. There was some evidence of water damage on the casing and DVD drive. There didn’t appear to be any damage to components, however. I installed a hard drive and RAM which the computer was missing. After a partial reassembly I turned it on again and found the notebook worked fine. Before bed I installed Windows XP and found some of the drivers for it.

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