Saint-Saens and Last Rumba

I probably should have covered Monday through Wednesday in an earlier post but I suppose now is fine. Monday was a big non-event as we didn’t go to the office and I didn’t have class either.My final Ethical Issues in Media class was held this Tuesday evening. Mr. Greenberg has an engagement next week so this was the last session. There was a short lecture on the ethics of news reporting and the take home final exam was distributed.I didn’t have an actual class on Wednesday. Instead, the writing teacher scheduled individual conferences with students regarding their final papers. I’m reasonably confident in my topic and the instructor was generally happy with the outline I showed him.With that out of the way I can talk about today. I wasn’t sure when or if I would make it to the office this evening. I had to wait for the second delivery attempt of the lenses I rented for Jazz Fest. Dad didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get to work and he was content to wait with me for a while. Luckily they showed up at 12:45 so only a little bit of the afternoon was lost.I just had a test scheduled for this evening and there was an orchestra and concert band performance at Dixon Hall this evening so I decided to take my camera gear with me instead of my laptop. I figured some picture taking at the concert would be a nice warm up for the next two weekends.Before class started this evening I was confused about the conclusion of my business law class. Mr. Whittington thought we had another lecture before the final exam but I showed him the academic calendar which showed classes ending next Tuesday. Consequently some alterations to his plans were necessary. We were supposed to have a test on contracts tonight but we decided to instead hear the lecture on breach of contract remedies he was expecting to give next week. The exam he was planning for tonight would be amended to include tonight’s material and we will take the test next week. I guess I might have to leave Jazz Fest early next Thursday.I left class at the break at 7:20. I was expecting to be done with class in short order since there was supposed to be a test this evening. I made it to Dixon Hall a few minutes before the concert started. I picked a seat up front to the left right next to Jessie and Ella.The concert band performed first. They opened with selections from the Harry Potter Suite and also played Clarinet Candy by Anderson as well as selections from West Side Story.After an intermission in which two pianos were rolled out, the Tulane University Orchestra took the stage. They began with a performance of Carnival of Animals by Carmille Saint-Saens complete with the poetic narration. After that a vocalist, Lauren Elens, took the stage to perform Steal Me, Sweet Thief from Old Maid and a Thief. Her rendition was quite impressive. The orchestra concluded with selection from Star Wars, no doubt a crowd pleaser.Immediately after the show I walked with Jessie to the Reily Center. We were about 15 minutes late for ballroom this evening. Tonight was the last session of the semester. My tardiness really threw me off although I managed to muddle through. Afterward we all took a few group pictures which turned out reasonably well although I looked even fatter than I actually am.During ballroom I asked Ellie about the computer problems she mentioned to me a while back. She said they had not been fixed yet and I offered to take a look at her laptop after the session ended. I followed her around for a little while and we eventually ended up at the LBC. Cristina, Megan and eventually Caroline were there as well. I picked at the laptop for a couple hours but I didn’t have much luck. It was running quite slowly and there were some error messages to deal with. The conversation was a lot more interesting than my apparent technological prowess. I finally departed at about one in the morning. I should have gone right to bed but I decided to sort and upload the pictures from the concert so I didn’t actually turn out the lights until after three.

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