Free Ride on Thursday

Dad and I didn’t get to work until 12:30 this afternoon. I had a few reports to work on this afternoon although pizza for lunch was the highlight. I took the shuttle to campus for class this evening. Tonight’s business law class continued an ongoing discussion of contracts. There was also a review for the test next week.After class I went to Reily for ballroom this evening. Tonight was the second to last session of the semester. I didn’t have any trouble remember the steps from the past two weeks although the new stuff introduced tonight was somewhat perplexing.Following ballroom, Dad picked me up in front of the LBC. He went to the airport earlier to pick up Aunt Lauren who flew in this weekend for the French Quarter Festival. We got to visit for a while after we got home. Later in the evening I tried to fix a USB problem with Lauren’s laptop and talked to Krystle on the phone.

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