Alas, yet another week gone by. Ballroom was nice last Thursday. I didn’t do anything in particular over the weekend. Tuesday’s ethics in media was about confidentiality of sources and information. Later that evening I received the new video card I ordered a couple days ago.I got the eVGA nVidia GTX 260 Superclocked (65nm), the latest installment in my slow desktop upgrade process. I had to rearrange some wiring in my case to make it fit. Since I had my PC case open so long I went ahead and cleaned out the case, something I haven’t really done in several months. The fan filters have kept things tolerable, only fine powdery dust gets through. The card is working wonderfully although I’m aware of the performance penalty having a rather new card running with an old AMD64 system. I was able to get HDMI + audio working with no trouble which was also quite nice.I went to campus after work this evening but class was canceled. After I got home this evening I used my old video card to complete a second PC which I have been planning to use as a NAS box. I installed FreeNAS with no trouble but I was unable to mount NTFS hard drives, which apparently are hard to get working with any network storage solution.

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