Mardi Gras and Such

In this the latest entry in what might as well be called the weekly log, I will attempt to recall events from the last 11 days. The week preceding the Mardi Gras break was not especially unusual although there was no class on Wednesday.In class last Monday we watched a Simpsons episode about the Internet and then the first half of the pilot episode of The Prisoner, a BBC show from the 60’s which the previous Simpsons episode referenced heavily. Tuesday’s media ethics class was about confidentiality if I remember right. There was no homework assignment in deference to the upcoming holiday. I was at the office for a “full” day on Wednesday since I didn’t have class. I had my business law class as usual on Thursday. After a full lecture we reviewed for the upcoming exam the following week.The weekend was pretty quiet for me. Andrew was out of the house a lot. I did make an update to the VAIO wallpaper page last week, adding the VAIO P included wallpapers which I’ve been seeking for a while.After hearing from Andrey Monday night, I met him and some of his friends uptown Tuesday morning for the Rex parade. We watched the parade on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Louisiana. I had my camera with me and took a few half decent pictures. I didn’t get hit in the face with any throws this time although I suppose that’s expected since Rex doesn’t throw much anyway.After the parade we walked to Magazine Street and had lunch at Rocky’s Pizzeria that wasn’t too crowded. The food was decent for a place running a limited menu. Patrick and Becca had to leave after lunch for a few of us walked back to St. Charles Avenue and saw some of the Elks truck parade before walking back to the car and returning to Tulane. I caught a cab home from there and had an interesting conversation with the driver who was bit of a computer geek and had a PC rig next to the driver’s seat.It would have been nice to have Ash Wednesday off too but both the office and Tulane was back to work. After work yesterday I went to writing class where the teacher showed Run Lola Run, a German movie I’d seen before which somehow ties into the reading assignment we are supposed to get to next week. Had I known what the professor had planned I would have went home.After a quiet day at work today in which I both did some actual work and reviewed for my business law mid term, I took the shuttle to campus for class this evening. The test consisted of two fictional tort cases. We were given the facts of the cases and then instructed to discuss both the plaintiff and defendants arguments and then render a decision as a judge would. I was the first to finish, either a very good or very bad thing. I think my answers were sufficiently detailed but I couldn’t say if they will meet Mr. Whittington’s expectations.I finished at 6:45, over two hours before ballroom this evening. I walked to the LBC to get something to eat. Having had Subway for lunch I didn’t find any of the offerings appetizing to I walked to the Boot and got a Boot burger and some fries. I typed this very entry at the Boot on my little Picturebook. I couldn’t fit both my TR notebook and the big law textbook in my book bag so I brought this instead.This was the first week of foxtrot in ballroom dancing this evening. So far it’s one of the easier dances we’ve tried and I actually picked up it well enough. There were not a lot of steps covered tonight so we had more time to just dance. I caught a cab home after ballroom and watched Burn After Reading.

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