Torts and East Coast Swing

This post like so many others is late so it will be skipping Tuesday and Wednesday. After work this afternoon, I took the shuttle to campus for class this evening. Having dropped the war on terrorism class, I signed up for another elective called “legal aspects of business.” My expectations were quite low but I need a Thursday night class. There were only a handful of students although there was one familiar face, Jerry Perez, who I’ve seen in several previous classes.The instructor, attorney Ron Whittington seems like a nice guy. He spent the class discussing various types of torts. Class was not dismissed until 8:30.Afterward, I made my way to the Reily Center. Ballroom dancing resumed this evening. There were over 50 people in attendance for our first session, many new faces. The first dance style this semester is east coast swing. We went over the basic step and I thing one other thing. For the most part, I think I knew what I was doing and it was a lot of fun. I caught a cab home afterward.

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