Week of October 14

By and large this week has not been especially eventful. I got my tests back in both Louisiana politics and finance, I made Bs on both. I got an A+ on the most recent online journalism assignment. I ordered a new computer desk on Thursday and also won an auction for a Humanscale M7 dual monitor arm that will go on the desk. I won’t have it all done until November, though.I left finance class at the break Wednesday night so I could go to the debate watching event at the JL lounge. There was pizza and a good turnout like the last two such events I went too. The debate was considerably more interesting this time.Online journalism class was exceptionally short this week. I had a lot of time between the end of class and dancing. Turnout at ballroom on was very healthy this week. I don’t remember much of anything from Friday or this weekend. I spent some time looking for various accessories for my new desk such as a new surge protector and some things to manage the wiring.

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