Homecoming Disaster and Swing Dancing

Mom, Dad and I went out to Tad Gormley stadium this afternoon for Tulane’s homecoming game versus Army. At 0-4, Army is the worst team in the division and Tulane should have beat them handily. It didn’t happen that way though. Tulane suffered a demoralizing and embarrassing defeat, 44-13. The game was quite sickening and I don’t especially care to document it in detail. The pregame festivities were by all accounts very successful, however.Later this evening, I went out to a dance studio on Magazine Street where a swing dancing party was taking place. A good handful of people from Tulane went. I called a cab at eight, well in advance of the nine o’clock start time but nobody ever showed up. Jeff gave me a ride out there instead. There looked to be about 50 people at the event, about eight of which were familiar faces. There was a beginner swing lesson at the start which I was a bit late to. After that there was a DJ until midnight. I didn’t dance much after the lesson but Caroline and Ireal endured my ineptitude a few times. I also got to talk with a few people new to the ballroom dancing club. Overall it was a lot of fun although it would have been ever better if the studio was air-conditioned. Afterward, I called Jeff who was still out and about. I had to wait a little while but I got a free ride home.

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