Debate and Salsa

I don’t recall much from Wednesday outside of class. I can’t quite remember what the lecture was about but there was long review of the exam next week.I worked from about 11 to 4:30 as usual this afternoon. Tonight’s online journalism class was a continuation of last week’s lecture on good writing. Class was dismissed at seven. We were assigned 500 words on tonight’s VP debate and were let out of class early enough to get home to watch it.There was a VP debate watching party in the JL residence hall at eight this evening. With an hour to kill, I sat outside the LBC for a while where a concert was going on for Tulane’s homecoming week. The Benjy Davis Project was just finishing when I got there and Reel Big Fish played after that.There looked to be upwards of a hundred people in the JL lounge for the vice-presidential debate this evening. Unsurprisingly, the audience appeared rather slanted one way. I got to watch the first 50 minutes of the debate before I left to go to ballroom dancing this evening.There were about 50 people in the riverside room this evening, another great turnout for the third week of salsa dancing. After going through the basic step again, Tammy introduced some new move that I totally didn’t get. Later on we went over steps we learned last week and I was considerably less lost.Later this evening after I got home, I watched the rest of the VP debate, some of CNN’s post-debate commentary and The Daily Show. Like a lot of people, I was surprised and impressed with Sarah Palin’s performance. Expectations were so low of course that she didn’t have to do much to come out ahead. Biden did very well too. I expect both campaigns got what they wanted.

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