A second night of sleeping on the floor did not make the experience any less unsavory. The power was still out this morning and news on the radio stated 97% of Baton Rouge was also without power. Apparently, hurricane Gustav has arguably inflicted the worst damage on the city as any storm in Baton Rouge history.This afternoon, Aunt Lauren searched around and found a hotel room for us in Ridgeland, Mississippi, just north of Jackson. Dad wanted to leave a car and a bunch of our stuff at Jeff’s apartment so we only took the Taurus. It took us about four hours to make it to the hotel, traffic in Baton Rouge was heavy and slow moving. As we drove out of the city we got to see some of the damage, mostly downed trees. In itself that’s not a big deal but quite a few of them fell on roads. On one road there was a nearly continuous line of chopped up trees that clearly indicated a substantial effort to clear the road. I also saw a good number of trees that fell on houses and automobiles.We arrived at the hotel, a Comfort Suites, shortly after eight this evening. After getting settled in, Dad went out to pick up something for dinner. I didn’t have much luck getting the internet to work in the room. I watched some of the Republican convention on CNN and saw Fred Thompson, President Bush and Joe Lieberman speak. Later on I went down to the lobby, where the Internet worked, and talked to Krystle on the phone for a while before bed.

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