First CR Meeting

I worked from 12 to 4:30 this afternoon but didn’t have a great deal to do. Tonight’s finance class was about different types of companies and federal income tax. I left at the break to go to the first meeting of the Tulane college republicans. Although I have class in the middle of their meetings and couldn’t expect to attend regularly, I did want to go tonight to see Anh Cao, the first Vietnamese refugee to run for congress and the only republican running for Bill Jefferson’s congressional seat in district 2. To be honest, the first thing I noticed about this guy is his short stature. He seems rather gentile and soft spoken considering his background. For the most part he talked about the McCain-Palin ticket and not so much about himself and his own campaign.After the meeting ended at about 8:45 I walked across Freret and I was going to call a cab but there was already one there waiting for a fare.

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