June 16-26

Over the past ten days there have been a couple occasions that just barely justified their own entries but I never got around to it… not enough time on my laptop I guess. I finished MGS4 last week, an absolutely epic work. I also completed a substantial update to the VAIO wallpapers page on my website with 21 “new” items. Last Friday, I went out to dinner (after eating at home) with Andrey and Patrick at Nine Roses in Gretna. We all had some kind of Vietnamese soup that was perfectly decent.This past weekend, Aunt Lauren and her daughter Arien came to New Orleans from Florida to visit for a few days. They’ve been staying with us since Sunday. I have wanted to play with my new VAIO recently but I am still waiting on an external DVD drive so I can reinstall Windows on the new hard drive I bought for the notebook. Yesterday, the replacement keyboard and extra RAM arrived. The keyboard was somewhat dirty and used so I cleaned it up and swapped out some of the keys from the old one which were in better shape, a somewhat delicate operation.

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