Western Omelette

Before Krystle left to go home today I wanted to go out to lunch at Camellia Grill. On the way there we stopped at an O’Reilly auto parts store to buy her some new windshield wipers. She was in dire need of new ones as demonstrated by our previous trips to and from New Orleans. With that out of the way, we went on to lunch.There was a short line outside of Camellia Grill and we waited about 20 minutes for seats. Having looked at the menu during the wait, I knew I was getting the western omelette with ham, cheese, onions and bell peppers. Krystle had a cheeseburger. The food was excellent of course and the service was fun as always.After we got home from lunch we cleaned her car a bit, topped off the pressure in her tires before she left to go home. Later in the day, I got my car started and Dad and I took it to a nearby repair shop to be repaired on Monday.

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