"Tie… Ugh!"

This afternoon, Dad and I went to Turchin Stadium see Tulane play Marshall. This was the last game of the series. Tulane won a ‘festive’ match on Friday and lost on Saturday. Tulane opened big with three runs in the bottom of the first to answer Marshall’s one RBI in the top of the inning.Tulane should have dominated later in the game but made some critical errors that kept Marshall in the game. Tulane had a 5-2 lead doing into the ninth inning but Marshall scored three runs to tie the game and force extra innings. After the tenth inning which ended at about 4:30, Marshall walked of the field to catch their plane. Earlier in the game, coach Rick Jones declared he was playing the game under protest because Marshall did not make their travel plans known ahead of time. Had they done so, Tulane would have gladly rescheduled the game to start at noon instead of one.With no runs scored in the 10th, the game ended in a tie, which was decidedly disappointing.Later this evening I watched Kurosawa’s The Most Beautiful, the least impressive of his films I’ve seen thus far.

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