Sodomy, The Library and Baseball

I worked at the west bank office from about noon to five this afternoon. The phone list and current patient billing were woefully out of date. I never finished the billing.This evening’s pirate societies class was the last actual lecture, which covered “violence and sex.” The lecture was reasonably short. The guy I’ll be taking orders from on my trial team was not in attendance so I’m no closer to knowing what will be going on with that.After class I went to the library to pick up a couple books, both on my history paper and pirate trial coming up. Following that I walked to Turchin where Tulane was playing Nicholls State this evening. The game started at six. I started listening to the game right after class ended and the score was tied at one. Tulane hit a grand slam while I was at the library and the score was 6-1 by the time I arrived at the stadium sometime before eight. Tulane scored two more runs before the game ended. They could have dome even better, however, as they left a lot of people on the pads this evening. They left the bases loaded three times.Later this evening after I got home I watched Boston Legal and The Daily Show before bed.

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