Rumba Review

I stayed home this afternoon to wait for a FedEx shipment. I wanted to make some progress on a paper for school but I had trouble getting stated and focusing on it. Dad came home and took me to work at about 3:30 this afternoon. He had a couple reports he needed done so I handled that before we left for the day at five.Dad took me to campus for class this evening. There were some makeup discussions in class this evening. Ms. Ebel went one of the groups go long so we could see “the process” run its course. Class was dismissed at 8:10. With time to get something to eat I went to Der Rathskeller for a late dinner.After some chicken tenders and fries, I walked to Reily just before nine this evening. The turnout was a bit smaller than last week. There was no new material tonight, although we did try to cover a lot last week. Even though I had a good deal of trouble with the steps this evening, it was a lot of fun. After the beginner session I walked to Willow and caught a cab home.

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