Hurricanes Continued

After a short workday this afternoon, I caught a shuttle to campus for weather and climate class this afternoon. I was expecting the class to start with a quiz on the material we talked about last week. However, the professor wasn’t done talking about hurricanes and spent the majority of the class time discussing hurricane Katrina. Being a long term resident who reads the news regularly, very little of the lecture was news to me. There was some comfort, however, in that I was not subjected to some tripe rant about how the government sucks. The quiz I was expecting came after the lecture and I was out of class by 6:50. I called Dad who said he was on his way from the office. Before getting home I stopped at the library to request of off-site book related to the pirate societies trial.Later that evening, I started watching My Voyage to Italy, a documentary in which Martin Scorsese discusses Italian cinema and the movies that influenced him early in life and later in his film career. It’s a four hour movie that I got about 90 minutes in to.

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