30 Minute Discussion

I didn’t go to work on time this morning to be home for a FedEx shipment today. It showed up at about two and I got a cab to the office for three. I was there until five when Dad took me to campus.There wasn’t an actual class for small group communications. Myself and a couple other students showed up to do our final projects, a 30 minute discussion. I was having trouble getting a group together and some other students were having the same problem so we met tonight knock out a few discussions. Laurie went first this evening. Her topic was saving for retirement. I went second with my discussion on improving spending habits and Steve went last with his talk on student loan payments. I haven’t listened to the recording yet but I think my discussion went smoothly. One day this week I’ll have to write a short paper discussing how the talk went.After we finished at about 7:40, I walked over to Dixon Hall where Tulane’s concert band was playing. The performance started at 7:30 so I was late. They sounded pretty decent. They finished at about 8:15 at which time there was an intermission. The second half of the concert featured a performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 by the Tulane Orchestra featuring Piano soloist Mayuri Kurihara. There was another short intermission after that, long enough for the piano to be rolled out and a choir to walk in. I’m not sure exactly what was played next but it sounded good.After the concert I wasn’t quite ready to go home so I went to the Rat for a little while to get something to eat and continued work on my history paper, which I nearly finished. I called a cab around ten although it didn’t show up for almost a half hour. I had a pleasant conversation with the driver, a fellow Limbaugh listener. I had not previously had the occasion to invoke Operation: Chaos in conversation.

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