Ice Cold Baseball

After an uneventful day of work, Dad and I headed uptown to pick up Andrew and get something to eat before the baseball game this evening. We went to Felipe’s across Claiborne from the stadium. Dad had a burrito. Andrew and I ordered quesadillas.It was already pretty cold and wet when we got to the stadium at about quarter to six. The start of the game was delayed about 15 minutes. The artificial surface at Turchin stadium has excellent drainage so rain is not a serious problem. All the seats were still wet though.Tonight was the first of three games versus the University of California, Irvine. They have a great team this year, largely due to their unbelievable pitching. Tulane’s Shooter Hunt pitched an excellent game as well. He pitched seven innings, struck out 11 and allowed only one hit. Although the game was tense throughout, the only scoring came in the bottom of the third. Scelfo walked after racking up a full count and the stole second. McFadden doubled to shallow left and then Josh Price hit a two-run giving Tulane a 2-0 lead. Irvine had chances to tie the game in later innings including two runners in scoring position in the bottom of the ninth but Tulane managed to pitch their way out of it. In spite of the worst cold I’ve ever endured at a baseball game, it was still an awesome thing to see.

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