Dad and I made to work this morning at 10:40. Both our new intern Tasha and Shanda were using my computer for work this afternoon so I didn’t get much of anything done myself. Dad drove me downtown Canal Street for the 4:40 shuttle to campus. It started raining pretty heavily during the ride and still was when I got off. I generally don’t mind the rain but it was a bit annoying today since I made both the mistake of wearing a leather jacket and forgetting my umbrella. I wore my jacket inside out as I walked to Gibson Hall so it wouldn’t be damaged.Turnout for this evening’s small group communications class was light, especially at the start. A handful of people trickled in late. Even though I’m writing this less than an hour after the event, I can barely remember what the lecture was about. I think it had something to do with getting groups to better discuss the issues before them. Almost as promised, class was dismissed early at 7:15. She said she would last week because of tonight’s parades. Unfortunately, all three were rescheduled or cancelled, much like this past Friday. After class I walked over to the LBC and got something to eat at the Quiznos. Soon after finishing I moved to the Willow computer lab to finish waiting for ballroom this evening.There was a pretty good crowd tonight with a couple new faces. A good part of the lesson tonight was review of last week which I certainly needed. The new steps this evening were a bit complicated but at least I didn’t step on any feet. Afterward, it took me longer than usual to get home because four sorority chicks stole my cab not that I should expect to be able to compete with four pairs of big tits.

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