I spent the better part of the day with Bianca. I met her at the Canal Street ferry at noon and we went to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. I hadn’t visited it in several years so I was curious what state it’s in following Katrina and I wanted to try my hand at photographing the fish. Having looked up the subject I knew it would be challenging.Overall, the aquarium looked pretty good. There were no obvious vacancies in the facility. There were a lot of interesting fish to look at. They were exceedingly difficult to take pictures of though as aquariums are so dark. I thought the Gulf of Mexico tank as pretty cool. The petting pool for stingrays was clearly Bianca’s favorite. We finished the aquarium about two hours after we started.After that, we walked over to the Riverwalk to get some bad Chinese food for lunch. We left there after we ate and walked around the quarter for a couple hours. We walked through the St. Louis Cathedral because Bianca had never been inside it before. We stopped in a number of different shops and the French Market. At about five we walked over to Caf du Monde. It was exceptionally crowded there this afternoon. The only free table was inside and service was pretty slow.During the course of the afternoon we tried to get a hold of Toni to see if she’d join us in the evening. She was busy though and that never panned out. Bianca and I decided to catch a movie at the westbank palace. We made it over the river early so we went to Chevy’s for a little bit for the 6:50 showing of I Am Legend. The movie wasn’t great, but it was decent. After the movie we walked back to Chevy’s and I called a cab. Over an hour later, we were still waiting. Eventually Bianca called her mom and she was nice enough to pick us up. Later that evening after I got home, I played a couple games of NHL ’08 on the new toy.

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