The Last Tango

There was no particular hurry to get to the office today. Dad had time to wait around for me to get a haircut this morning. I can’t quite remember what went on at work today. It’s safe to say it was quiet around the office though. After work, I believe Dad took me to campus for this evening’s math class. There was supposed to be a test this evening, which I completely forgot about. The professor was still concerned that we weren’t grasping the material, rightfully so in my case. For the most part, we recapped some of the stuff we’ve been working on these past couple weeks. We were given a take home test at the end of class, which ended rather early at seven.After class I walked down to the LBC with a classmate whose name shamefully escapes me. With a couple hours before ballroom, I decided to get something to eat. We both walked down to the Rat but it wasn’t opened yet so we ended up with Taco Bell. [whoever] was curious about the ballroom club and knew a girl that participates so he walked with me to the Reily Center and stuck around for a few minutes to see what it was like.This evening’s lesson was the last of the semester, a recap on tango with one additional set of steps. Unlike the past couple weeks where I’ve done reasonably well, tonight wasn’t so smooth. I think the thanksgiving break may have thrown me off, and I wasn’t the only one. It was still fun of course, even though I was stumbling more than usual. Afterward, we took a group picture for the yearbook.Afterward I walked with Megan back to her dorm and caught a cab home in front of the LBC. I might have watched a movie late this evening but I can’t remember which.

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