Betty Shirley with the Kirk Branch Trio

Dad and I arrived at the Mid City office just after 11 this morning. That office is closed on Monday and we never made it out to Metairie so it was a pretty quiet workday. Dad dropped me at Tidewater to catch the shuttle to campus this evening. Tonight’s visual communication class was about movies, a subject I already have a passing familiarity with so I was able to get by paying only half attention.Class ended at 7:30 and I walked to the LBC (Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life. Previously I have referred to this building as the “student center” but from here on I will refer to it as the LBC). Eventually I met up with Andrey and his friends. In attendance to night were Anrey, Veronica, Patrick, Chrelsi and myself. We went to dinner at MIkimoto this evening and has several varieties of sushi and other raw fish for dinner. Even though I’ve been there before, I was still surprised that the food was quite tasty. After dinner we went to Snug Harbor to see Betty Shirley, a jazz vocalist. The day of the week had more to do with us going than the act though.The show was enjoyable, although I have seen better jazz vocalists having frequented Jazz Fest. We arrived a half hour in to the 10 o’clock show. There was a very sparse crown so we didn’t have any trouble getting good seats. Following the show we stood outside and talked briefly before everyone went home. I got a cab rather quickly. I can’t remember whether or not I watched a movie later this evening.

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