1000th Post

Today marks the 1000th post in the “daily log.” It’s hard to call it that since it has taken nearly five years to hit this milestone but one thousand is still a big, even number worth noting. I should probably save any reflection on the longevity of this feature for the upcoming five year mark though.Dad and I got to the office today at about 11:30. I spent the afternoon working on a handful of discharge reports. For the last couple days I was all caught up on dictation but after the marathon of dictation the doctor did yesterday night, I’m swamped again. Dad had to stop by the west bank on the way home this evening so Dad dropped me on Canal Street to catch the 4:40 shuttle to campus.This evening’s Louisiana history class was about Louisiana governors between the forties and sixties. After the break, Mr. Fontenot discussed the civil rights movement, mostly within a local context. Much of this portion of the lecture centered around A. P. Tureaud and Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones.After class I caught the shuttle back downtown and Dad took me the rest of the way home. Later this evening I did a little studying for an upcoming test tomorrow.

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