The office was nice and quiet, partially because of the frequent rain which consistently keeps the patient’s away. I got a phone list update done but I never managed to get to any initial reports like I wanted. Dad had to go to the west bank office later this afternoon so he had me a Tulane by quarter to five. After stopping at the bookstore to get some bluebooks, I walked back to the Tilton building and camped out with my laptop for a while before class started. The professor arrived a bit late but that gave me time to catch up on my log, including this very entry.This evening’s class was largely about decision tables, which were covered briefly last week. The second half of class after the break was about sets. Class ended after 8:20 so I would have to get a cab home. Before I called one I listened to a voice mail from Andrey who called while I was in class. He invited me to a session of swing dancing lesions at the Reily Center, sponsored by the ballroom dancing club. There was a good sized crown of about 30 at the event this evening, which started at nine. The crowd was unfamiliar with exception of Andrey and his friends Veronica and Shona, whom I’ve met once before. There were twice as many women as men, so the girls had to take turns with partners. One could argue whether or not this was a problem.The hour long session focused on a single triple-step swing dance. It did not seem very complicated but I could never quite get the first basic steps. This was the first time I attempted to learn any sort of dance at all, and I had practically no success. Dancing is something I’d like to be good at, but I would have to start learning on the most basic level and this wasn’t it. I did enjoy myself though. I wasn’t the only one struggling and the others were very forgiving and supportive.The class ended at ten. I was going to head home but Andrey invited me to join hem and his friends who were going to Vera Cruz, a little place across the street from Bruno’s.It was a little while before everyone was there. People had to do this and that before we all wound up there. Eventually everyone was there. In addition to myself, Andrey was there, his girlfriend Veronica, her roommate Shona and a few people I had not met before, Austin, Kerry and Sona. We just sat around for a while with our drinks and talked. Eventually they decided to enjoy the music a bit more actively. The place has a DJ working that played a little hip-hop and varieties of Spanish music and people dancing to match. This went on until sometime after two in the morning. Andrey and Veronica had left a while earlier though.I was going to get a cab straight home from Vera Cruz and offered to share it to help the rest of the crowd get home but they insisted on walking. I decided to tag along because it’s best to have numbers when walking around in the middle of the night and one of our party was conspicuously intoxicated and could barely walk. Austin was quite a trooper and carried the girl when she wouldn’t walk. The 10 minute walk back to the dorms took about a half hour with the slow pace and occasional stops to rest or vomit. After they got the girl in a bed I walked to the student center and called a cab to go home. It took about 20 minutes to arrive. I finally made it home at 3:30 and went to bed not long after.

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