School’s Out

So here’s another catch-up post. I finished up the semester last week. I did fine in my IT ethics class as those exams were easy. My two history classes weren’t so fantastic though. I wasn’t worried about passing the final on my cold war history class and did ok. The final exam for my colonial Louisiana history class was rather tough and I’d be surprised if I passed it. I do have the other test and a final paper to get e a passing grade though. Overall, however, this has been a rather disappointing semester for me as far as grades though.This weekend, the family and I went over to Aunt Doris’s house. They had a little gathering for Uncle Joe’s 83rd birthday. All the usual suspects and some other family I see less often were there.The only other ‘event’ of circumstance was getting a new cell phone, a Motorola RAZR V3xx and a new carrier, AT&T. I spent the weekend fooling with the phone, performing some rudimentary modifications like removing the carrier name from the home screen.Aside from that, I’ve just been working, although I was off last Wednesday to wait for the A/C repair man, who fixed a blown capacitor, not a big problem.

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