Week of April 23

I was a little busy this week, or at least felt that was, even though I only worked one day this week, Tuesday, which was a normal day of work and class. I took Monday, Wednesday and Thursday off to work on school projects at Tulane’s libraries.On Monday, I basically started the day waiting in line at the recently reopened Camellia Grill, a story which was published in Newspapers nation-wide. I think I can spare a detailed description of this eating establishment and how awesome it is. I only had the pleasure to patronize the diner a few times before Katrina, including meals during Vacation trips when I was younger, but this place was always a favorite of mine and I, like so many others, was very happy to learn it was reopening.The line looked short when I took my place in line at about one in the afternoon. It got a good deal longer as I waited. So far as I could tell, there was a healthy mix of tourists and locals. Being alone allowed me to jump ahead of several people and I only waited about a half hour. Aside from the fresh pain, marble countertop and credit-card-friendly cash register, everything appeared as I remembered it, down to the Mickey Mouse clock high on the wall.After lunch I walked to Jones Hall at Tulane to the Louisiana Special Collections to work on my Louisiana history paper. I was there through the afternoon, reading some books on my topic, the geographical evolution of the city of New Orleans. I got a little writing done but I spent most of my time reading the book, which cannot be checked out. Later that evening I went to IT ethics class that evening, which was standard fare.If I remember right, Tuesday was a normal day. On Wednesday I took the day off again to work on my paper. That day, I had lunch at Vincent’s Italian Cuisine, a little place on St. Charles I’d never been to before, mostly because the place always looks closed, although they had outdoor furniture out on this day. It’s a classy place with decent food. I saw my Mom at a table there, which was quite a coincidence. After lunch I went back to Special Collections where I worked on my paper again. I largely finished it, with the exception of cleanup I performed that evening. After I left Tulane, I went to see The Subdudes at Wednesday at the Square. They put on a good show and I took pictures.I took the day off work on Thursday as well to work on a paper for my IT ethics class, but I really didn’t make any progress. I had my last Colonial Louisiana history class that evening.

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