Cowboy Mouth… and Everything Else Last Week

Another week, more or less, gone by and no posts. It’s a damn shame, I know. A few things have happened since last Tuesday, but not much. There was just work on Wednesday. Thursday’s colonial Louisiana history class seemed to conclude the curriculum as the professor made it to the Louisiana Purchase.After work on Friday, Dad and I went to see Tulane play the first game of the Memphis series. I don’t remember the game well enough for a detailed recap of the game, but I do remember it went badly. By the end of the sixth, it was 10-2. It was cold and we’d seen enough so we left early. The final was 14-5. It was too cold and windy for the Saturday game, which they also lost. I spent Easter Sunday at home with the exception of church. Tulane won the game that day though.There was no class on Monday with Easter break. Tuesday’s cold war history lecture was about country music related to the cold war, which was an interesting diversion from the usual material.I left work a little early on Wednesday. I took the streetcar downtown to go to Wednesday at the Square, a free concert series in Lafayette Square. Dad joined me there later. In addition to the music, there’s also decent food and craft vendors. It’s a great event for people working in the city as it gets going around five. Cowboy Mouth was the main event today. I’ve seen them play before. I’m sure the post detailing the last time I saw them discusses how they put on a great show and how Fred LeBlanc’s ego barely fits on stage. Suffice it to say, it was a very enjoyable set and I think the 9,000 other people there had a good time too. I had my big camera with me and I took some pictures, none of which were outstanding, unfortunately. The concert was good practice though. Looking at the photos told me I should consider setting my auto focus points manually. I was also reminded that Fred moves around very fast.Today was just a quiet day at the office with some dictation for company. I didn’t have class this evening because the professor had a speaking engagement. This evening, I watched one of Hitchcock’s early films, The Lady Vanishes.

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