John Foster Dulles

I went to the mid city office with dad this morning and was there until about five this afternoon. I don’t recall doing any actual work. I did spend a lot of time making copies, however.This evening’s US Foreign Policy class was about John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State under Eisenhower. We were assigned to real a book on Mr. Dulles and the class started with a quiz about him. I made the mistake of ordering the book online and did not receive it in time for class. I did spend the ‘work’ day reading about him online so I was able to scrape by. In addition to think little known historical figure, the lecture was also about US/Soviet relations after World War II and an overview of WWII in the Pacific.I went to the Sheraton after class. Dad was at the mall this evening getting my little brother’s glasses fixed. He picked me up when he was done with that. We got home shortly after nine. As I was a bit late for Boston Legal I decided to watch yesterday’s episode of 24. IT was a decent episode, made a bit better by the 5.1 surround sound on my computer. Later this evening I watched Almost Famous.

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