Chatty IT Ethics Class

Dad and I arrived at the Mid City office shortly before 10:30 this morning. We were only supposed to be there a few minutes to pick up some files but we were there until 11.I worked on some dictation in Metairie this afternoon. I also swapped out the computer there for the old mid city desktop.We left the office at about four and stopped in Mid City again to drop off a number of things Dad bought for that office. There was some traffic congestion on the way uptown but we got to Tulane not long after five.This evening’s lecture had something do to with corporate IT security, but that part of the class didn’t even start until 7:45. This first two hours were spent ‘discussing’ the three case studies and generally going off topic for long periods. I had to walk out of class before it was over to catch the 8:20 shuttle.

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