Weekend – Monday

With the exception of church I was home all weekend, not really doing much. The football was better this weekend though. Tulane had a surprising win and Auburn beat LSU, which I watched only because high def TV is new to me. The Raiders game wasn’t on regular television which was no great loss as they were beat again this week. I only watched one ‘movie’ this weekend, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. I was rainy today. I was expecting to work this afternoon but Dad’s glasses broke, a big deal because he apparently doesn’t have a spare. He does have some prescription sunglasses though so he was able to take me to school this afternoon. He dropped me off on campus some time after two and went on to get his glasses repaired. I went to the library for a good while, browsed eBay and such and listened to the latest TWiT podcast. Andrey saw me in the library and we talked for a good while as I haven’t seen him in quite sometime. We mostly talked about what we’ve been up to these last few months. I left the library for Jones Hall not long after five. It was good I left early as the class actually starts at 5:30, 15 minutes earlier than most evening classes. We watched a PBS documentary about radio history in Louisiana. There was a short lecture afterward discussing the early technological innovations of radio, mostly names and dates. Class was dismissed at 7:30. I called Dad and he told me to wait for him at the Boot. He was in Kenner getting some new eyeglasses. The place was pretty dead when I got there but it got crowded fast. James Gandolfini was in the bar this evening, definitely the most popular guy in the place. He was in town for the premier of All the King’s Men which took place at Tulane earlier, and definitely the most popular guy in the place. Dad arrived about an hour later. We remained there for a while before going home sometime before ten.

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