The whole family including myself got up early Saturday Morning to leave the house shortly after seven this morning to drive to Atlanta. We were going to visit grandma Laughlin and pick up Andrew, who’s been spending the last three weeks with Uncle Larry and his family. We were late is getting started because of trouble with a tire. I don’t remember exactly when we arrived but it must have been around six or seven o’clock. When we arrived we learned grandma wasn’t doing well and Uncle Larry, Chelsea and mom went over to the hospital. Dad, myself and my brothers remained at the house and had dinner. Later that evening we got a call that grandma Laughlin passed away. She was diagnosed with lung cancer about two years ago and her condition had been worsening since then. Having to leave her home because of the hurricane probably didn’t help matters but she was near family in Atlanta/Lawrenceville, where she’d been staying since. For me personally, seeing the physical and mental deterioration of a kind and otherwise healthy loved one was more depressing that the inevitable end. The next day, Sunday, Dad, myself and my brothers went to the Mall of Georgia to get some dress clothes for Grandma Laughlin’s funeral on Monday. We were at the mall for about five hours but I had everything bought long before then. I should have went to see a movie. Lauren and Arien arrived from Florida at Uncle Larry’s house this evening. Later at around nine, nearly everyone went over to the neighborhood pool for a little while. Everyone was up early to be at the funeral home for the viewing which started at nine. The funeral service was at 11. Since I won’t have any trouble remembering it I’m not compelled to detail it here. After that we went to the cemetery where an internment ceremony or something was done and then we all went home. There were a number of guests at Uncle Larry’s house that evening whom I don’t know.

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