Weekend – Monday

I did get out of the house this weekend but not for anything remotely enjoyable. On Saturday, the whole family went to a self-storage facility to help move some stuff from grandma’s old house from one unit to another, where doc has some equipment stored. I went to church and the hardware store with Mom on Sunday. Mom wanted to check out a lawn edger she saw in a sale paper. When we got there we found out why it was only $50 and decided against it. Later that day I added some stock photos to the random banner rotation on my website. Beyond that there isn’t anything new going on besides the fact that I haven’t been feeling quite right. I think I have a cold or something like it coming on, which sucks because I’m traveling next week. I worked from about noon to about six today. I had a mix of things to do today. Late this evening I started playing HL2: Episode One again, this time set to “hard” and with the commentary on. THere's been some interesting bits of information so far. The way they discuss the production makes it sound even more like making feature films.

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