Tampa, FL

We checked out of the hotel at 10:30 this morning. We drove town to Tampa to Lauren’s friend Linda’s house, where they will be staying until Lauren finds a house. We stopped at a Publix on the way to get some things for lunch. After we arrived, Arien and I unloaded the car and Linda gave us the dime tour. Not long after we had lunch, we went over to see some other friends of Lauren that live just a couple blocks from Linda, Lisa and William. We spend the evening at their house. They have a pool in the back yard which provided amusement for everyone for a good while. Later in the afternoon there was some lightning so the pool time was over. Lisa cooked some chicken and vegetables for dinner, all of which was very good. Later on in the evening, Linda and her friend Rusty showed up. There was a couple hours of some good after dinner sort of conversation before we left shortly after nine. Later that evening I was on my computer for a little while and I watched the season four finale of 24.

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