School Stuff

I went with Lauren and Arien today while they went to take care of getting Arien registered for the upcoming school year. Our first stop was the Pinellas Country school Choice office. Apparently there were only two schools with openings, not including the one she wanted, St. Petersburg High School. After leaving the Choice office, we went over to that school and spoke with some of the staff there. The story was more optimistic at the school. After we left there we went to find a place to eat. We stopped at Chiang Mai Thailand, a little Thai restaurant on Central Drive, not far from Tropicana Field. I ordered the Phad Thai, which wasn’t bad but still not as good as Bangkok Cuisine. I think we went back to Linda’s house after that. Arien and I watched a couple movies this evening, The Stepford Wives and What Dreams May Come. The Stepford Wives was kind of interesting although I think more back story into the whole robot thing would have made it a little more intriguing. We had red beans for dinner. They weren’t bad, although they were cooked with no meat as a courtesy to Arien. If nothing else, I gained an appreciation for the importance sausage and such while cooking them. We did have some andouille sausage on the side though. I don’t remember doing much in particular late that evening. I did start packing up some thing as I will be flying home tomorrow night.

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