Tulane vs. McNeese State

There was no haste to get to work today. On the way to the office I stopped at the bank to sign some papers to open a savings account to go along with the one I already have. That didn’t take long and we made it to the office at about 1:30. I finished a tape full of initial reports that’s been sitting around for a while. With that a c couple reports for doc out of the way, I was caught up on work for the first time in a while. We left the office at about five. Although it was dark and raining earlier, Tulane still got their baseball game in this evening. We stopped at a Po-boy shop for some dinner before making it to Zephyr Field. Tulane opened big in tonight’s game versus McNeese State. They scored three runs in the first and three runs in the second. With an early 6-0 lead, I’m sure I wasn’t alone expecting this would be an easy blowout. I was mistaken. In the top of the fifth, McNeese scored two runs. After putting down Tulane quickly in the latter half, McNeese scored four more runs to tie the game 6-6, including a home run. Tulane took back the lead in the bottom of the sixth with one run. The lead changed hands again in the top of the seventh when McNeese state scored two more runs, including another home run, bringing the score to 8-7 McNeese. During a dramatic and amusing bottom half of the seventh inning, Tulane scored four runs on four hits, with the help of some mistakes by McNeese. Most notably, an infield fly ball with two outs that fell on the pitcher’s mound untouched. That brought the score to 11-8 Tulane, the final.

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