Four Day Weekend

Between just not working on Fridays and Memorial Day, I essentially had a four day weekend. I didn’t do much with it though. I played SimCity 3000 a lot over the weekend. I installed it on my laptop while I was thinking about putting some games on it. This is one of the few that will play on it as my old Vaio is a far cry from 3D capable. It’s a fun game I’ve enjoyed on and off in the past. I spent a good deal of time working on a new city that’s coming along quite nicely. I rebuilt a battery for my laptop this weekend. I bought new lithium ion cells and replaced the original ones, which weren't holding a charge anymore. The ones I purchased from Tenergy came with metal tabs already spot-welded on so I was able to get away without having to solder anything. I cut up the think plastic wrapper that the new batteries were packed in to press the tabs into the ones on safety circuit board… probably not the most wise solution but it works great. I did a casual test on the new pack. I ran the laptop at full brightness, radio on, while continuously playing 750kbps Divx. It went for 2.5 hours, which is alot more than I can say for the 'new' OEM battery I acquired recently. The cost of the project was just $33 for the batteries, a hell of alot cheaper than buying a new battery. On Sunday, Dad and I went out to Snug Harbor to see Astral Project. We saw the 10 o’clock show. It was a good show, although I was quite disappointed drummer Johnny Vicodovich was absent. After the show we went to d.b.a. for a while before making it home around one.

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