The log is skipping the first three days of the week. I worked 12:30 to six on Monday, 10:00 to five on Tuesday and 11 to five on Wednesday. I did a boatload of dictation for doc this week which rang up a large bill. Today is my twenty-second birthday. Big deal. Dad and I left the house and a shockingly early hour this morning, nine o’clock. There were some new patient’s early today to show up at ten. To start the day I finished up all the dictation I did for Doc and printed it all out. Dad ordered lunch for Me, Doc and himself from Milano’s Pizza, a nearby place we’ve been patronizing recently. I got the shrimp alfredo. In all, you get a huge amount of food including a salad as well as some garlic bread. Shamefully I actually ate all of it. Later in the day I did a number of miscellaneous tasks that kept me busy through the afternoon. Dad and I left the Metairie office around five to go to the west bank to see Dad’s one late patient out there. We finally left there at seven. The new hard drive I ordered for my Vaio SRX77 notebook came in the mail today. I installed it when I got home and started running my recovery CDs to get Windows on it. I had a bit of trouble getting the CDs to boot from the external drive. Sometime around nine, Dad and I went out to go to Snug Harbor to see Lawrence Sieberth & Tony Dagradi Quintet. I wasn’t the least bit familiar with Lawrence Sieberth but I do know Tony Dagradi of Astral Project is one of the best saxophone players around so I figured it couldn’t be a bad show. It was a decent show with a contemporary jazz band. I could have done without the funky piano though. Dad spoke with Mr. Dagradi and Steve Masakowski briefly after the set. Dad and I went to d.b.a. for a couple drinks after that. I think we got home around midnight.

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