Grandma Laughlin and Uncle Larry came to town this afternoon. They were here for the wake and funeral of Vincent Panepinto, my grandmother’s sister’s husband I think. Dad took me to class this afternoon as usual. Afterward, Dad picked me up and we both went to a funeral home on Lapalco where the wake was held, starting at seven this evening. We arrived a good deal earlier than the rest of my family, and we waited in the car. I don’t suppose the wake was especially unusual, although I don’t think I’ve been to one before this evening. Basically the event consisted of a not big enough room which was occupied by the deceased, some of his personal effects, and lots of people, none of which I was acquainted with. I was introduced to a number of people. I’m not sure if how many of them were technically related to me. Before tonight, I had no idea why they called it a ‘wake,’ but I now think that perhaps there was a time when people though the noise of the crowd and conversation might raise the dead. I think we left sometime between seven and eight. I rode home with Larry, Grandma and Andrew. Aside from the fact that we had house guests, nothing unusual happened this evening.

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