Tulane Hands It To UNO

For some reason, Dad and I didn’t go to work late this afternoon. Having the morning free allowed me to get a haircut though, something I’ve needed to do for a good while. The place I’ve been going to for years closed down recently, so Dad took me to this hair salon nearby. It was a mildly unsettling experience as this place was much less like a barber shop and a lot more like an emergency room of hair. Dad and I arrived at the Metairie office at 4:30 this afternoon. I think I had some sort of work to do but I no longer recall. Dad and I left at six to go to Zypher Field. Dad and I saw Tulane play UNO this evening for the third and last time this season. UNO had absolutely no pitching to speak of tonight. The pitching was so bad there weren’t ‘that’ many hits, but there were plenty of walks and a few hit batters. Tulane just had their way with UNO, getting some 20 hits and two home runs. The final score was 19-5. I think Dad and I left just before the eighth inning. On the way home, we needed to stop at the west bank office to pick up some dictation I would be working on tomorrow. We also stopped at Walgreen’s because Dad needed something. I picked up a 24×36 poster frame, something I’ve been unable to find. I lost a framed poster on the way home from Ruston. It fell off a trailer. I bought another poster a while back and I was finally able to it back on the wall this evening. After I got home I cut the poster to size with an x-acto knife while I watched a repeat of Boston Legal.

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