The Weekend

I don’t remember Saturday, but I’m sure computer use and TV watching was involved. On Sunday, later in the afternoon after church, we all went over to see Chris Rouselle and his mother, both friends of Dad. The trip was part social call and part tech support. Chris needed help setting up a cable high speed internet connection and new digital cable TV boxes, both pretty simple matters. Before getting into any of that work, we sat around for a while and talked, mostly about the events of the past few months. After that, I got to fooling with the internet thing. I got all the hardware hooked up without any trouble, but after quite a while, I couldn’t get the modem’s cable light to come up. The only answer phone tech support could give us was that the signal was too weak or there was some sort of filter on the line. It wasn’t something we could fix and Chris had to schedule a visit for a cable guy. I think we got home before five although I’m not quite sure. Nothing of particular circumstance took place this evening. I think I watched some TV for a while and late in the evening I spoke to Ami on the phone for an hour or so.

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