Dinner, BSG and Music

I didn’t do much of anything productive today. I probably could have done a little work but I didn’t bother. I did schedule a couple of classes for the upcoming semester which starts on Tuesday. I spent some time playing Project Gotham Racing 2, which I haven’t touched in many months. This afternoon, I went for a short ride with Aunt Lauren and Arien to Belle Chasses to get some groceries and to see Grandma Laughlin’s old house, which was sold not too long after the hurricane. It looked pretty much the same with a few changes. The shutters and window trim were painted dark green. There was a new driveway in the front yard and there was a FEMA trailer parked in the back yard. This evening, the family, Aunt Lauren, Arien and I went out to eat at a restaurant in Crown Pointe called Restaurant Des Familles. It took about a half hour to get there. I’m not sure how Dad found out about the place but he’d been there not too long ago and really liked it. From the outside it looks like an old plantation house although judging from the floor layout inside, I doubt it was ever anything aside from a restaurant. In any case, it’s a very nice establishment and the food was very good. They have a small menu with a number of seafood and Cajun/Creole dishes. I got a small platter with fried shrimp and catfish, which was quite good. We got home in time for Battlestar Galactica. I’d been waiting not so patiently for tonight’s episode after last weeks’ cliffhanger. It was another fantastic and pretty unpredictable episode. Ronald D. Moore is the man. Not too long after the show, Dad, Lauren and I went to the Maple Leaf Bar uptown to see John Gros and Joe Crown play in a trio that might have had a name. We got there at 10:30 but they didn’t start playing until 11, an hour late, so we didn’t miss anything. We got a couple drinks, saw the first set, and left not too long after midnight. The music was pretty good and of course it’s always nice to be out of the house. I went to bed not long after getting home as I was pretty tired.

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