Andrew's Birthday

I didn’t go with Dad to the office today because he wanted me to be home for a satellite technician that was coming by the house today to install another dish. I did have work to do at home but I never got around to it. The motherboard and video card that I ordered arrived last night and I was anxious to get them installed in my case, even though I still don’t have a new CPU yet. I spent the better part of the afternoon emptying and cleaning my PC case, which had an extraordinary amount of dust inside, even though I do keep up with regular cleanings. With the case clear and clean, I installed the new motherboard and video card as well as all of the other components I will continue using. With the power requirements of the new card, I had to lose one of my optical drives. The only loss is being unable to do quick disc to disc copying, and I no longer need a PCI IDE controller card. I’ll probably upgrade the 400 watt power supply in the distant future however. I was rather proud of myself at the immaculately neat job I did with the cabling. With less cables in the middle of the case and fewer PCI cards, I removed one of the case fans and will try going with three for the time being. I may cut it down to two later depending on how the new CPU and cooler affects the ambient case temperature. Today is Andrew’s birthday and Mom and Dad took him out to dinner. We went to eat at the House of Blues. Unlike the restaurants in Metairie, you can actually get seated without much of a wait in the quarter. Mom, Andrew and myself had po-boys and Dad got a rack of ribs. It took a good while for us to get our food, as the restaurant is likely short of staff like every other New Orleans establishment. We got home not long before nine, with time to spare before Battlestar Galactica started. This evenings episode was decent, although not quite a gem like so many other episodes.

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