New Years Eve

It was rather warm outside today for a new years eve. I didn’t do much during the day, but I did go out for the evening. I got a ride to the quarter with mom and dad around six this evening. They were going out themselves and I was meeting a couple friends there. I didn’t see them for quite a while so I had a few hours to kill by myself. For the most part I just walked up and down Decatur, although I did stop by Snug Harbor and the Spotted Cat a couple times. I stopped at Angeli’s for dinner at about seven. As I walked in, Elisabeth Le spotted me. We went to Karr together. I wasn’t especially hungry so I just got a ham sandwich, which was pretty good, and large. I finally heard from Christy at nine thirty. I was sitting in Snug Harbor at the time, listening to Astral Project’s performance. I agreed to meet her and her friends at Dervish on Decatur, a short walk. When I arrived I was greeted by Christy. I can’t quite remember the last time I saw her. She introduced several people. The only one I recognized was Cathernie, who I went to Karr with. The only other name I remember is a friend of her’s named Neal. We soon parted company with the other people she introduced to me. I don’t really feel like detailing every place we went this evening. Suffice it to say we walked around a bit and then ended up at a particular club for a while. We walked to Jackson Square just before midnight. It was quite foggy outside as it was last New Years Eve so we couldn’t see the ball drop atop the Jax Brewery. We went back to the same club after midnight for a little while before going home around one. I got a ride with my parents, who were also headed home at the same time. I walked to N. Rampart and St. Ann to meet them where the car was parked. 2005 in Summary I’d have to say this was probably one of the most eventful years of my life, although not exactly the best. It certainly started nicely. I had a very enjoyable, but short-lived relationship with a nice girl. Of course it ended, which was a source of general displeasure for a few months. While I have yet to find a replacement in that regard, I managed to regain control of my own happiness. Hurricane Katrina overshadowed any other events, personal or otherwise this year. Our family was pretty lucky however, having our home and belongings intact. Dad’s business didn’t fare well at all however. Two of three offices were lost, along with most all of his business. That’s already coming back, however, and I expect it will flourish once again if my father keeps a positive attitude. I was expecting being away from home for the first time and attending Louisiana tech for a semester to be a… big deal. Luckily the whole thing was a very comfortable experience. Nice people, nice campus, nice dorm room. I got especially lucky with the dorm. With our home intact, the real tragedy of Katrina from my perspective was the loss of progress being made by the city and my dad’s business. While slow, the city of New Orleans was making real progress. The economy was improving with a positive outlook for the future. Some parts of the city, downtown in particular, were being cleaned up and redeveloped. I thought having streetcars back on Canal Street would eventually be considered a watershed event for the downtown area. It appeared that the movie-making business could actually become viable in the area. Even though that all got washed away on August 28, I remian optimistic about the future of New Orleans. While I don’t expect any miracles in the next 365 days, progress is inevitable. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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