Back to Work

I’ve been neglecting the log this week as I’ve either been busy or just wasting my time in some fashion. Dad put me back to work on Monday. We’re discharging every patient that we had before Katrina, somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 I think. Each one of those needs a bill and report. That being the case, I worked at home to generate reports, which I can do, just not very quickly, as well as make up discharge report templates for each patient using their prelims. I did these throughout the day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A flip clock I won on eBay came in the mail on Monday, a Sony Digimatic TFM-C650W. I’m quite pleased with this purchase. It’s in great shape and the radio sounds incredible in comparison to clock radios today. It was rather dirty however. I was up rather late on Monday night thoroughly cleaning it, inside and out. On Tuesday, I took down my ceiling fan to fix a problem that’s been bugging me for well over a year. It was a simple wiring problem as I suspected and was easily fixed. Holding the fan back up in place and screwing it in with just two hands was difficult, however.

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