I didn’t arrive in CAB as early this morning as I usually do for economics class, but I was still on time. We just went over the exam we took on Tuesday. Class was pretty short but it took a while to pass out each person’s answer sheet and test copy to some 115 students. I got a ‘C’ on the exam, which was pretty disappointing. I would have done a lot better had I remembered the GDP formulas. I walked over to the Dawg House for lunch after class. I showed up 20 minutes before the place opens but Britney from my French class invited me in. I sat at the bar with a drink until 11 o’clock when I could order something. I had a ham sandwich and fries, which was pretty decent. I walked back to my room after lunch and remained there until shortly before two. Today’s sociology class was about education, and contained many of the same minorities-are-in-piss-poor-shape generalities featured in so many lectures past. Class let out at 3:30. I returned Dad’s phone call after class. We spoke briefly about my upcoming situation with either staying at or leaving Louisiana Tech and returning to New Orleans. I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do. This evening’s history class was about the war aspect of the Vietnam War. I suppose the next lecture will be about all the protests and crap that happened state side. After class I went to the cafeteria for dinner and then went to Tolliver Hall to sit with my laptop. While I was there I did a worksheet on Blackboard for history class. The worksheet pertained to the Vietnam War and required students to go through some maps and writings to find the answers. It was an easy assignment but it was a bit time consuming. I left and 9:30 and stopped by Bianca's apartment to pick upa memorystick I lent her before the football game last week. I talked with her for a little while and made it back to my room just after ten.

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