The Dawg House

I was up and ready to go in shorter order that usual this morning. I woke up and nine and had plenty of time to get to my ten o’clock class. Today’s economics session was an over view of the history of tax, from the British navigation acts to the current income tax system. It was a pretty enjoyable lecture considering the material. Professor Blackstock was honest and frank as always. I think my favorite part what when he said “A lot of people think the great depression ended with WWII, not true! We came out of the great depression because FDR died.” After class I walked over to the Dawg House, a ‘sports grill’ just off campus, pretty close to CAB, where my economics class is. Britney from French and Kasey from my history class work there. I got a burger and fries. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a decent hamburger. I walked back to my dorm after class and remained there until about 1:30. I stopped by the housing office to pick up a package. I ordered some new shoe strings for my Chuck Taylor’s but I ordered the wrong ones. These were almost an inch wide. There was an exam in Sociology today. I didn’t find it to be too difficult and I was out the door before 2:30. I went to Tolliver Hall afterward and remained there until almost four. This evening’s history class was a continuation/conclusion of Professor Anderson’s lecture on the cold war. I went to the cafeteria for dinner after class and then went back to my room for the evening. I did a drawing or two for a possible redesign of my website. I managed to get a load of laundry done late this evening.

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